Go for great with ginger

On a list of the healthiest spices in the world, ginger is right at the top. In fact, ginger is dubbed “the powerful root” and is even considered a superfood. But what exactly is ginger and why is it so good for you? 

What is ginger and where does it come from?

Ginger is a tropical flowering plant with yellowish-green flowers and leafy stems. It originated in Southeast Asia and was one of the first spices to be exported. The ginger root comes from the thick stem of this plant. 

The ginger root is closely related to turmeric and cardamom. All three spices belong to the “ginger family,” which is a family of aromatic perennial herbs with creeping horizontal or tuberous rootstocks. 

Besides being a common spice and flavouring in cooking, ginger is famed for its many health benefits. Here are five we love. 


Helps the digestive system

Research suggests that delayed emptying of the stomach is among the major causes of indigestion and related stomach discomfort. Incidentally, ginger is excellent for the digestive system because it’s been shown to speed up the emptying of the stomach. Ginger is a common natural treatment for several gastrointestinal issues such as indigestion, bloating and intestinal cramping. 


Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects

Ginger is known for having lots of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects. For instance, gingerol, one of ginger’s natural oils, is a bioactive compound with powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The exceptional antioxidant content and anti-inflammatory properties help boost your immune system and overall health.

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Helps prevent or ease the common cold and flu

    The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties of ginger prevent or help to minimise damage to immune cells. This plays a role in making you feel better when you’re down with a cold or flu. Ginger is also rich in vitamins and minerals vital for preventing colds and flu, and can also ease their symptoms. Given this medicinal like magic, it's no surprise that ginger shots are a popular remedy for colds and flu. 


    Helps ease nausea and morning sickness

    Ginger is noted for its effectiveness in easing symptoms of nausea and vomiting associated with morning sickness. The spice has been shown to 

    • speed up stomach emptying
    • improve digestion 
    • promote the release of hormones that regulate blood pressure and help to calm the body


    Helps ease menstrual cramps

      One of the traditional uses of ginger is pain relief, and it has been shown to relieve aches and discomfort associated with menstruation. Ginger appears to be particularly effective if taken at the start of the menstrual period.

      Packed with antioxidants, bioactive compounds and nutrients highly beneficial for the body and brain, ginger is more than worthy of a given place in your daily diet. 

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