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Our Founder Story

“KIANO was created from the desire to do better for my own health and wellness, while still being able to enjoy the taste of natural, organic plants and herbs. After lifelong struggles with inflammation, skin issues and fatigue, these clean and natural superfood powders have helped heal me from the inside out - they’ve transformed my life. Inspired by ancient traditions and medicinal use of plants, our powders are easy to consume shaken with water or added to a smoothie or latte. See them as nutrient-dense boosters to protect your health, improve immunity and ease digestion. Eat clean, boost your health with KIANO powders and watch the transformation unfold.”

Moira Ingeltun

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & Co-Founder of KIANO

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Detox Your Bodily Systems

Our 7-Day Detox will assist the body to detox from unwanted toxins and optimise how the body functions. Our 7-Day guide provides a range of recipes to choose from, so you can tailor the plan to suit your tastebuds and individual needs. All recipes include healthy, nutritious ingredients to support gut-health and energy levels.

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KIANO Believes In


We believe that a clean, plant-based, nutritious diet is great for our health - and the environment. Our powders have been crafted with only the finest organic ingredients and are rich in natural vitamins and minerals. All our mixes taste delicious and have numerous benefits for aiding and strengthening our physical and mental health.


Our range of organic vegan powders contain more than 45 different premium plant ingredients sourced from the highest quality farms around the world. We're proud of our production and stoked to be able to offer you 100% plant-based, gluten-free powders containing only natural sugars from nature.


Naturopathic Doctor, Cora Forsten, ND Stockholm, Sweden
"KIANO’s organic, vegan line of superfood mixes, protein powders & meal shakes are a great and accessible way to supercharge your diet and provide your body with many of the elements that it needs to optimise your health & meet your individual needs and goals!"