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Meal shakes for your gut, brain, muscles, skin, hair & heart. All the nutrition your body needs in one meal, helping you reach your fitness & health goals in an easy way.

100% Vegan



High in Protein

Keeps you full 3-5 hours

all natural

made in sweden

Boosted with superfoods

High in Fiber


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Organic Vegan Meal Shake

Discover the ultimate organic meal replacement, a delicious and nutritious choice for those seeking a vegan, high-protein meal solution. Each serving boasts 27-30g of pea protein, making it perfect as a high-fiber breakfast or a light, satisfying lunch. Our organic meal replacement is carefully crafted with plant protein, gluten-free carbs, and healthy fats, ensuring a well-rounded nutritional profile. Rich in natural vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, it's not just a meal but a boost of wellness, all sourced from vegan, plant-based, organic ingredients. Experience the convenience and health benefits of our organic meal replacement, the ideal choice for a busy lifestyle without compromising on nutrition and taste.