Our daily routines for vitality

KIANO Morning Ritual 

• Rise early and meditate for 10 mins using the mantra "I am happy, healthy and vibrant."

• 30 minute workout - do something you think is fun: Take a walk, hit the yoga mat, go for a run or dance. 

• Breakfast: Green Machine smoothie with Green Boost!

• Make a smoothie bowl with 1 tsp. of Collagen Kiss and 1 tsp. of Berry Beautiful. Your skin, nails and hair deserve it. :)

• Drink a Matcha Power Latte for focus.

 Listen to music while you get ready for your day - it has a direct impact on your mood, especially in the morning!

• Go slay the day, but be extra kind to yourself!


KIANO Pre-workout Boost

• Maximise the results of your training. Consume nutritional food two hours before hitting the gym or working out at home.

• We recommend drinking our plant-protein powders Berry Strong or Choco Strong with water or plant-milk. Just mix and shake well in a shaker.

• Research has shown that consuming a protein shake before or after a workout is equally as beneficial, so do it when it works best for you. Just do it! 

• Our high quality brown-rice and pea-proteins are great vegan, plant-based options. They help to effectively repair and rebuild muscle after a workout.

• Pro Tips: Try our protein smoothie, Squat O’Clock. It's time to slay that workout!


KIANO Post-Workout Repair

• A good post-workout meal will include a plant-based protein source like quinoa, brown rice or pea protein.

• The organic brown-rice and pea-proteins we use in our plant-meal powders are high-quality proteins and a great source of iron.

• Choose between our plant-meal smoothie flavours: BerryChocolate or Green! They're convenient, nutritious and perfect for if you're on-the-go. Rebuilding muscle has never tasted so good.


KIANO Evening Wind-down

• Best time of the day, some say. Especially with a gentle wind-down.

• Warm some plant-milk in a saucepan. Use a whisk to mix in 1 tsp. of Spicy Calm. Sit in a cosy spot and drink, taking in the calm around you. Be present in the smallest details. This can be a bedtime ritual, as it will help you relax. Spicy Calm can also help to improve mood, fight depression, and potentially lower anxiety levels.

• If you prefer a chocolate-y taste, swap out Spicy Calm for Choco Chill and follow the instructions above. This wonderful alternative is great for chilling down and is gentle on the tummy.

• Brush your teeth, wash your face with warm water, moisturise. 

• Get cosy in bed. Read a book that genuinely interests you.

• Wide awake still? Try evening meditation or Yoga Nidra while falling asleep. Sweet dreams! 

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