Meal Shake with Chocolate
Meal Shake with Chocolate
Meal Shake with Chocolate
Meal Shake with Chocolate
Meal Shake with Chocolate
Meal Shake with Chocolate
Meal Shake with Chocolate
Meal Shake with Chocolate
Meal Shake with Chocolate
Meal Shake with Chocolate
Meal Shake with Chocolate
Meal Shake with Chocolate
Meal Shake with Chocolate
Meal Shake with Chocolate
Meal Shake with Chocolate
Meal Shake with Chocolate
Meal Shake with Chocolate
Meal Shake with Chocolate
Meal Shake with Chocolate
Meal Shake with Chocolate
Meal Shake with Chocolate
Meal Shake with Chocolate
Meal Shake with Chocolate
Meal Shake with Chocolate
Meal Shake with Chocolate
Meal Shake with Chocolate

Meal Shake with Chocolate

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Choco Fuel - Organic Meal Replacement with Cacao.

825 gr.

A premium complete meal shake powder including 14 of the best organic veggies, fruits & adaptogens. This blend also contains high-quality pea protein, gluten-free oats & Omega 3's from flaxseeds. 279 calories / 28g of protein per serving. We've added in Ashwagandha and Reishi to reduce stress and keep you focussed. The best, most nutritious meal shake on the market for health-conscious people. No emulsifiers or artificial vitamins.


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The #1 most natural & tasty chocolate meal shake on the planet

  • Organic vegan meal replacement shake
  • 15 super fruits, plants & vegetables
  • Nutritious meal that assists with weight management
  • High in fibre, feel fuller for longer
  • Including: cacao, pea-protein & ashwagandha
  • Omega 3 from flaxseed
  • Great tasting, natural sugars, no artificial additives 
  • Perfect balance of proteins, carbs and healthy fats
  • 13 portions / calories per serving 279 kcal
  • 28g of protein per serving
  • Shake with water or plant-milk, on-the-go!

What is Choco Fuel superfood meal replacement powder good for?

Get fuelled up and feel your best! We wanted to create the healthiest organic meal replacement on the market. So we did. We've created this vegan meal replacement with powerful superfoods and adaptogens to provide you with a nutritious complete meal, completely sourced from mother nature. 

We included the top superberries, vegetables and adaptogens in this vegan meal replacement shake that we ourselves would love to fuel our bodies with. We’ve added gluten-free oats, pea protein and flaxseed - providing your body with fueling carbs, nature's best amino acid protein profile and healthy omega 3 fats. Choco Fuel contains 279 kcal when mixed with water, meaning it provides you with around half the calories of a standard lunch or dinner meal. The high levels of fibre content will support weight management, enabling the body to feel fuller for longer.

Choco Fuel will give you the best possible nutrients, while protecting your body from free radicals and support cell repair. Together, these plant-compounds are important for gut health, cognitive function, calming the nervous system and boosting vitality.

Why choose KIANO’s Choco Fuel superfood meal replacement?

Attention chocolate fans! We have made that possible for you to consume 18 of the most powerful plants and adaptogens on the planet!

We’ve proudly created a new generation of organic meal replacement powders where powerful superfoods are at the core. We developed this recipe by adding all plants and superfoods that we’d like to see on one big healthy plate. Our mission is to make the healthiest possible meal in shake powder form - only using ingredients from the plant kingdom.

Most meal replacements on the market have 20-30 added vitamins and minerals that are made in a lab. We went the opposite way. Instead, we’ve included 18 superfoods with high amounts of natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Studies show that plant-compounds are much more bioavailable to the body than synthetic, therefore easier for the body to absorb.

Our yummy chocolate superfood meal shake powder is also unique as it contains adaptogens - herbal pharmaceuticals to help calm the nervous system. This organic meal replacement shake contains high amounts of fibre to support longer-lasting endurance and energy levels throughout the day. Love yourself every day with more organic superfoods. You deserve to feel your best!

What does Choco Fuel meal replacement contain? 

Our Choco Fuel organic meal replacement powder contains 16 superfood ingredients including: pea-protein, flaxseeds, cacao, carob, banana, sweet potato and ashwagandha. Together these ingredients provide your body with all the nutrition and power one needs for a healthy meal. Per 100g, our vegan organic meal replacement provides the body with 13g of fibre, 38g of protein and all 9 essential amino acids.


Pea-protein sourced from China *
Maca sourced from Peru *
Reishi sourced from China *
Cacao sourced from Ghana *
Date sourced from Tunisia *
Lucuma sourced from Peru *
Acacia Gummi from Sudan *
Salt sourced from Denmark *
Banana sourced from South America *
Baobab sourced from Seneagal *
Carob sourced from EU *
Flax seeds sourced from Austria *
Gluten free oat flour sourced from Finland *
Reishi sourced from China *
Spinach sourced from Hungary *
Sweet potato sourced from Hungary *

* Organic


We endeavour to partner with organic farms that produce the finest organic ingredients from around the world.

How to use Choco Fuel meal replacement powder? 

Easy! Mix a portion of this delicious chocolate flavoured meal replacement into water or plant milk. Shake in a shaker with ice and enjoy it as a nutritiously dense yet light meal.

How much Choco Fuel superfood meal replacement powder should you take daily?

1 serving per meal-time (3 heaped tbsp. / 75g) of Choco Fuel superfood meal powder is enough to provide you with a highly nutritious meal at any time of the day. You can enjoy up to a maximum of 2 servings per day. 

Nutritional values per 100g:
Energy: 1554 kJ / 372 kcal
Fat: 6.5 g
- Saturated: 2.0 g
- Carbohydrates: 34 g
- Natural sugars: ** 17 g
Fibres: 13 g
Protein: 38 g
Salt: 0.92 g
Vitamin C: 13 mg / 16%*
Potassium: 826 mg / 41%*
Calcium: 78 mg / 22%*
Phosphorus: 463 mg / 66%*
Magnesium: 116 mg / 42%*
Iron: 13 mg / 98%*
Zinc: 18 mg / 180%*
*Daily Reference Value **From fruits

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Choco Fuel Key Ingredients


Rich in a phytonutrients and known to improve blood flow to the brain. Cacao also elevates mood.

Pea Protein

Contains amino acids that help give structure to skin, hair, nails, bones, and connective tissues.


This powerful adaptogen boosts brain function, lowers cortisol levels & helps fight symptoms of anxiety & depression.


Reishi mushroom has long been known to alleviate anxiety, ease depression, and encourage better sleep.


Can help you gain muscle, increase strength, boost energy and improve exercise performance.


High in iron, spinach benefits eye health, reduces oxidative stress and reduces blood pressure levels.

Gluten - Free Oat Flour

Oats are rich in antioxidants and soluble fibre, which have been shown to help lower high blood pressure & lower the risk of developing heart disease.

Flax seeds

Flax seeds are loaded with benefits: they're high in omega-3 fats and rich in dietary fibre, assisting the digestive system.

Any questions we haven't answered?

Our Fuels cannot be defined as nutritionally "complete" but they are certainly nutritionally dense and provide a healthy range of proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins and minerals.

We recommend 2 Choco Fuel shakes per day at the most. Please consult your doctor first if you have any dietary concerns or allergies.

We recommend that you consult with your doctor first before buying this product - especially if you have concerns around nutrition or allergies.

We recommend not to give this to children and instead provide them with a nutritious wholefood meal.

Our kid-friendly mixes (without adaptogens) are: 

Green BoostBerrylicious & Collagen Kiss.

These are also safe and excellent supplements while pregnant or breast-feeding.

We fill our cans by weight and not volume, which means that the cans are not filled to the top. 

Depending on the weight, the cans will be filled to different levels. The cans are also higher in height than the fill level due to the fact that the machinery used to fill them up needs some extra space to be able to fill effectively. 

Also, we don't use any artificial filler or emulsifier ingredients to bulk the powders up, as the intended product is to be pure and clean (and more bioavailable for your body). The amount of grams you receive will always correspond to the total amount of serving sizes listed on the back of each product.