Tropical Balance Oats

Overnight Oats With Superfood Powder - Overnight soaked oats are high in fibre content, which helps your stomach "stay full" for a longer period of time.  Add some Tropical Balance and let the ingredient Maca help balance those hormonal issues.


Time to make:

5 mins prep-time / 5 hrs in fridge



0.5 dl oats

Half of a ripe banana

1 dl soy milk (or plant milk of choice)

2-3 tsp. Tropical Balance

1 tsp. chia seeds



1. Find a small cup or jar to make your overnight oats in.

2. Add the banana and mash it with a fork.

3. Add the oats, the Tropical Balance and half of the soy milk.

4. Add the rest of the soy milk and mix once more.

5. Refrigerate 5 hrs or overnight.

6. Enjoy!




Coconut yoghurt


Passion fruit



Learn more about the superfood used in this recipe!

Tropical Balance


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